Crestal Sinus Augmentation in the Presence of an Antral Pseudocyst

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Antral pseudocysts classically have a well-defined, hyperdense, unilocular, dome-shaped appearance in radiographs. The best therapeutic approach for treating these cysts in the context of sinus floor augmentation remains controversial. This article presents a new technique that allows both sinus membrane elevation and cyst removal through a crestal approach in patients with pseudocysts in the maxillary sinus.

Materials and Methods:

The technique combined aspiration of the cysts during sinus floor elevation with a sinus augmentation procedure using a hydraulic sinus elevation system. Aspiration of the cyst fluid was performed through the crestal osteotomy site after sinus floor elevation.


Two patients showed a significant amount of bone formation around the implant at the sinus floor without evidence of a recurrent cyst after the procedure.


The technique allows the minimally invasive removal of antral pseudocysts at the time of sinus grafting and simultaneous implant placement, preserving the integrity of the sinus membrane.

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