Validation of a Simplified Implant-Retained Cantilever Fixed Prosthesis

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To evaluate the stress and strain generated in a fixed four-element prosthesis under the application of axial and nonaxial loads using a simplified implant-supported fixed prosthesis model.

Materials and Methods:

A 3-dimensional model was constructed containing 3 implants with a conventional anatomical prosthesis (G1). The second model with the same implant system received the simplified prosthesis (G2). A load of 300 N was applied at an axial point and a nonaxial point through finite element analysis software.


The G2 group showed different values of stress concentration in the prosthesis, fixation screw, retention screw, and abutments when compared with G1. Within a limit of 10% degrees of acceptability, the stress on the implants and the bone strain were enclosed for both models of prostheses.


The simplified fixed prosthesis evaluated presents biomechanical behavior similar to an anatomical prosthesis in the implants and in the surrounding bone structure.

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