Re-osseointegration of Dental Implants After Periimplantitis Treatments: A Systematic Review

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Purpose:This review considers possible surgical treatment modalities for induced periimplantitis to regain re-osseointegration as reported in the recent literature.Materials and Methods:Electronic searches in MEDLINE/PubMed and Google Scholar databases were performed on experimental studies considering induced periimplantitis and attempts to achieve re-osseointegration from 2003 up to December 2016. Conflicts about articles were solved by authors' discussion.Results:A total of 15 studies of 159 were finally included in the review.Discussion:Various implant surface decontamination techniques chemical and/or mechanical have been used either alone or simultaneously with/without guided bone regeneration. Despite the access-flap surgery, it was observed that application of single decontamination measure either chemical or mechanical was not adequate to provide a better treatment outcome. Laser application such as CO2, diode, and Er: YAG has been a new treatment approach used for periimplantitis treatment. Er: YAG laser had showed no implant surface alteration and provided favorable environment for re-osseointegration.Conclusion:Promising results were observed in the studies that used combination of bone substitutes together with guided bone regeneration for the regenerative therapy. Regarding implant surfaces, better re-osseointegration was observed with rough implant surfaces rather than smooth ones.

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