Contemporary Digital Restorative and Minimal-Invasive Preservative Surgical Techniques in the Esthetic Zone: A Case Report

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When immediately temporizing an implant, relining and cementation of the provisional can be a challenging, time-consuming, and contaminating procedure. Excess resin and cement need to be carefully removed from the fresh wound. This can be overcome by digitally backward planning the treatment with subsequent production of a surgical guide to be used by both the technician and the dentist. In this report, a patient with a fractured and hopeless central incisor and an apical radiolucency at his compromised (root-canal treated, post and core build-up) contralateral counterpart was treated using guided implant installation, immediate placement of a prefabricated screw-retained provisional, and apicoectomy. Dehiscence of the buccal plate after tooth extraction resulting in the need for hard- and soft-tissue grafting and delayed surgery did not affect the clinical outcome.

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