Novel Technique for Reconstruction of the Severely Resorbed Posterior Maxillae: Tuberosity-Flip Approach

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This report describes a novel technique that allows for 3-dimensional augmentation of localized bone defects of the posterior maxilla and simultaneous implant placement by means of using the maxillary tuberosity as a block graft.

Materials and Methods:

The residual bone in maxillary tuberosity is harvested as a whole. The recipient site and the bone graft are prepared with compatible implant drills. The bone graft is flipped to fit the defect and fixated in place using the dental implant, which anchors both the graft and the subantral bone.


The defect of the posterior maxilla is reconstructed with autogenous bone harvested from maxillary tuberosity, and simultaneous implant placement is achieved.


The proposed technique enables the clinician to reconstruct alveolar defects of the posterior maxilla without the need for an additional donor site and simultaneously place dental implants.

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