U-Shaped Bone Splitting and Osteotome Techniques for Narrow Alveolar Ridge in Implant Surgery

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Bone splitting and osteotome are common ridge expansion choices for patients with a narrow alveolar ridge requiring dental implant restoration. Despite the effectiveness of the 2 techniques in horizontal ridge augmentation, they could also result in severe complications, which is thus considered a contraindication.

Materials and Methods:

A modification of the bone splitting and the osteotome techniques is proposed hereby as an alternative.


The modified procedure reduces the tension of labial bone plate by creating a partial bone fracture at the most depressed area of labial defect where the thinner bone exists.


This technique is primarily useful for cases with a facial concavity. The modification could prevent iatrogenic labial bone defect during the surgery, and compared with onlay bone grafting, it may shorten the overall treatment time and avoid traumatizing the bone donor site.

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