Immediate Loading of Edentulous Mandible With Prefabricated Bars: A Long-term Study of 7 Years

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To present clinical data from a 7-year follow-up study of edentulous mandibles rehabilitated according to an immediate loading protocol with prefabricated bars.

Materials and Methods:

Forty-four implants were inserted in 11 patients and were evaluated by means of resonance frequency analysis (RFA) and clinical and radiographic examination.


Ten patients returned for the 7-year evaluation and presented no implant loss. The stability measurements were performed immediately after implant placement (T0 = 64.5 ± 6.6 ISQ) and 1 year (T1 = mean 66.8 ± 4.2 ISQ), and 7 years (T7 = mean 62.8 ± 5.4) after being in function. The analysis of the RFA values showed a statistically significant decrease in implant stability after 7 years in function, although the final values are considered adequate for treatment success. Panoramic x-ray examination showed bone loss greater than the first thread in 10 implants.


According to the obtained data, it can be concluded that immediate loading according to this protocol with prefabricated bars is a valid treatment option for edentulous patients providing sufficient long-term success.

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