Bone Regeneration of Macropore Octacalcium Phosphate–Coated Deproteinized Bovine Bone Materials in Sinus Augmentation: A Prospective Pilot Study

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To investigate the osteogenic potential of macropore octacalcium phosphate (OCP)–coated deproteinized bovine bone materials (DBBMs) in sinus augmentation.

Study design:

Macropore OCP-coated DBBM was manufactured from bovine bone by thermal and chemical processing. Sinus grafts of a lateral window approach with experimental bone were conducted in 10 patients. At 6 months after surgery, a total of 10 specimens were obtained from 10 patients. But, 4 of them were excluded because the amount of specimens was not enough for evaluation. Morphological investigation under scanning electron microscopy and histological evaluation were performed.


OCP was evenly attached to the surface of the experimental graft and showed a relatively large pore size (300–400 μm) compared with Bio-Oss (100–200 μm). New bone comprised 23.49% (±0.10), and residual graft material comprised 15.39% (±0.06) in bone specimens.


A macropore-sized design and OCP coating could present a favorable environment for new bone formation in maxillary sinus grafts.

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