BTB-ZF transcription factors, a growing family of regulators of early and late B-cell development

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The differentiation of early B-cell precursors in the bone marrow into the variety of mature and effector B-cell subsets of the periphery is a complex process that requires tight regulation at the transcriptional level. Different members of the broad complex, tramtrack, bric-à-brac and zinc finger (BTB-ZF) family of transcription factors have recently been shown to have key roles in many phases of B-cell development, including early B-cell development in the bone marrow, peripheral B-cell maturation and specialization into effector cells during an immune response. This review highlights the critical functions mediated by BTB-ZF transcription factors within the B-cell lineage and emphasizes how the deregulation of these transcription factors can lead to B-cell malignancies.

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