The Mitogen-Induced Increase in T Cell Size Involves PKC and NFAT Activation of Rel/NF-κB-Dependent c-mycExpression

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Cell growth during the G1 stage of the cell cycle is partly controlled by inducing c-mycexpression, which in B cells is regulated by the NF-κB1 and c-Rel transcription factors. Here, we show that c-myc-dependent growth during T cell activation requires c-Rel and RelA and that blocking this growth by inhibiting protein kinase C theta (PKCθ) coincides with a failure to upregulate c-mycdue to impaired RelA nuclear import and inhibition of NFAT-dependent c-reltranscription. These results demonstrate that different Rel/NF-κB dimers regulate the mitogenic growth of mature T and B cells, with a signaling pathway incorporating PKCθ and NFAT controlling c-Rel/RelA-induced c-mycexpression in activated T cells.

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