Efficiency of Pulsed Regimes for Enhancing the Breakdown Strength of Vacuum Insulation

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Processing the experimental data on breakdown delay time in a vacuum was used to obtain the function Kβ(tp) of the relative change in the field gain factor β at microscopic inhomogeneities of the cathode surface resulting from the realization of optimum pulse conditioning regimes. It is shown that over the range of pulse durations 10–8 ≤ tp ≤ 10–6 s, the relative change in the state of the cathode surface corresponds to the relative changes in the breakdown strength of all-metal electrodes and to the voltage of the appearance of local flashes in a system of evaporated electrodes—a microchannel plate and the screen of an image intensifier. Applying optimum regimes for conditioning the surface with pulses of durations tp < 10–8 s makes it possible to achieve the limiting breakdown strength determined by the cathode mechanism of breakdown initiation.

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