A Computer-Controlled Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer with a Pulsed Magnetic Field

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An automatic magnetic resonance spectrometer with a pulsed magnetic field is described. It has the following characteristics: a field range of 0–100 kOe, a frequency band of 25–140 GHz, a temperature range of 4.2–300 K, and a pulse duration of 12.6 ms. The spectrometer is automated to the CAMAC standard using standard modules. To record a magnetic-resonance spectrum, the following procedure is applied: the resonance-absorption signal is determined by a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, and the magnetic filed is scanned by simulating a current pulse in a discharge circuit of the solenoid using a single input parameter—the initial charge voltage of the capacitor bank. In calibration measurements performed with spherical yttrium–iron-garnet samples, the average measurement error was 0.15%.

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