A Programmable Device for Experiments Employing a Superheated Probe in the Pulsed Operation Mode

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A device was developed for experiments on the controlled heating of a thin wire probe immersed in the substance being analyzed, with penetration into the region of short-lived (superheated) states of the substance. The thermostabilization of the probe, pulse-heated to the selected temperature Tpl(t > tpl), is described. Using the iteration method, the software fits the coefficients of the heating function to reproduce the required temperature regime with an error of <0.5% over 10–20 cycles. The length of the stabilization pulse in the experiments was 1–10 ms at probe temperatures as high as 1000 K. The sensitivity of the compensation technique of relative measurements to relative changes in the thermophysical properties of a superheated substance was 10–3 at a characteristic time of 10 μs.

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