A Computer-Based Facility for Investigating the Melt Hydrodynamics during Bridgman Crystal Growth at Low-Frequency Vibrations in a Melt

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A computer-based experimental facility for studying the process of growing the crystals of low-meltingsubstances (Tm ≤ 330°C) is described. Crystals are grown by the vertical Bridgman technique under controlled low-frequency vibrations in a melt. The installation contains a transparent multizone furnace, vibration and translation mechanisms, a laser illuminator, and a video camera. Original software that allows the automation of the experiment and the collection and processing of experimental data has been developed. The apparatus enables one to grow single crystals and to record the hydrodynamic flow structure in the melt and the shape of the solid–liquid interface. The amplitude range of low-frequency vibrations is 0.01–3 mm. The frequency range, which is limited by the loudspeaker applied, is 20–70 Hz.

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