CaF2, MgF2, SiO2, Al2O3, SiC, LiF, BaF2, and ZrO2 Optical Single Crystals Used in Studies in the VUV Spectral Region

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Spectral characteristics of single crystals–fluorite, magnesium fluoride, quartz, sapphire, silicon carbide, lithium fluoride, barium fluoride, and fianite–used as materials for optical windows in studies in the VUV spectral region are presented. Spectral and photometric studies of single crystals in the spectral range 30–700 nm were performed on a BM-70 vacuum spectrophotometer. This instrument is equipped with a vacuum chamber for measuring the light transmission and reflection at radiation angles of incidence between 10° and 70°; this allows both characteristics to be measured sequentially in time without breaking vacuum. Replaceable radiation sources (with and without a window) were used to perform studies in the spectral range 30–700 nm, including measurements in flows of atmospheric and inert gases (Ne, He, Ar, N, and H).

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