A Glow-Discharge-Pumped Broadband Short-Wavelength Lamp

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A broadband ultraviolet-vacuum-ultraviolet lamp, which emits at wavelengths of 150–300 nm, and its output characteristics are described. The lamp is excited by a longitudinal glow discharge, which is initiated in a quartz tube with an inner diameter of 1.4 cm and an interelectrode distance of 10 cm. The tube is filled with a He/Br2 working mixture at a total pressure of 0.2–1.0 kPa. The lamp emission spectrum consists of a 163.3-nm spectral line of bromine atoms and continuum in the spectral region 165–300 nm. A continuum is formed as a result of an overlap of broad emission bands of bromine molecules. The total emission power of the lamp reaches 4–5 W at an electric power of up to 60 W. The lamp's efficiency is 5–10%, and its service life in the gas-static mode is 300–400 h.

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