Overview of diagnostic system in the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak1

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The first plasma was achieved in the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (EAST) on September 26, 2006. Single-and double-null diverter plasma discharges were also achieved successfully in the EAST in January 2007. The plasma diagnostics for the first EAST plasma study have been developed as follows: a vertical one-channel far-infrared hydrogen cyanide (HCN) laser interferometer for measuring the line average density, a ten-channel soft X-ray array for intensity measurement, a 16-channel heterodyne electric cyclotron emission for measuring the profile of the electron temperature, an eight channel XUV bolometer array to measure plasma radiation losses, a three-channel hard X-ray array for intensity measurement, an electromagnetic measurement system, a 35-channel Hα radiation array, 20 triple probes for diverter plasma, a one-channel visible bremsstrahlung emission, an impurity optical spectrum measurement system, and two optical spectroscopic multichannel analyzers. The first experimental results of the diagnostic system and the plan of what is to come are summarized in this paper.

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