Influence of the glass transition and storage temperature of frozen peas on the loss of quality attributes

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Green peas of two different maturities were used to evaluate the influence of the glass transition temperature (Tg′) and storage temperatures on quality loss during frozen storage. Young peas which have a lower tenderness rating (TR) value, possibly with less starch and higher sugar content than old peas, gave a lower Tg′ value. Quality attributes, including green colour and vitamin C, were measured over time when the peas were stored at −5, −12, −20, −25 and −30 °C, respectively. The results indicated that these qualities were maintained during frozen storage as long as the peas remained below or close to their Tg′. The loss of quality at different storage temperatures is relative to the difference between the storage temperature and the Tg′, where the bigger the difference, the greater the loss.

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