Compositional and physical properties of yogurts manufactured from milk and whey cheese concentrated by ultrafiltration

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Yogurts made with 80% milk retentate (MR) [Volume Reduction Factor (VRF) = 1.5] and 20% cheese whey retentate (WR; VRF = 8.0) (yogurt 1) and yogurts made with 100% MR through ultrafiltration have been evaluated as to flow, texture profile analysis (TPA) and syneresis index. As with MR and WR, their physico-chemical composition was also determined. The yogurt to which WR had been added showed; less apparent viscosity and greater tixotrophya; less firmness and adhesiveness and greater cohesiveness; higher syneresis index, less protein and mineral content, and greater lipid content in comparison with the yogurt made only with MR.

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