Presentation and comments on EU legislation related to food industries–environment interactions: organic contaminants (chemicals, pesticides, dioxins, furans, biocides and their waste management)

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The first part of this review on European Union (EU) legislation related to food industries–environment interactions deals with chemicals which, in their majority, make their way to food. Such substances are the pesticides and fertilizers the residues of which abound in many agricultural produces (both of plant or animal origin). Another crucial issue is the unintentional release of dioxins and furans through combustion. Detergents or sanitizers in conjunction with compounds considered hazardous or corrosive or flammable stand for other topics falling in the general category of chemicals employed in the food industry. The aim of this review is to cover all the current EU legislation in the field of chemicals (dioxins, furans, pesticides, biocides products, fertilizers, sanitizers) coming directly or indirectly in contact with food and their waste management by providing six comprehensive and easy-to-use tables, and a synopsis of the main points of the currently in force EU legislation.

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