Canning of vegetable soybean: procedures and quality evaluations

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Some aspects of the preservation process of vegetable soybean are discussed in this paper. Factors, like the effects of blanching duration, and brine composition, were discussed in relation with the quality attributes of the product including enzyme activity, texture and colour. It was observed that the concentration of CaCl2 influenced the texture and luminosity (L), while the pH affected luminosity (L) and green colour (–a/b) of the processed product. Furthermore, blanching for 90 s before heat-processing was effective to inactivate 99% of the initial lipoxygenase activity. It was found that a brine containing 150 g L−1 NaCl and 2.9 g L−1 CaCl2, at pH 6.5 that was thermally treated for 9 min generated a lethality of 4 min that is enough to produce a 12-log reduction required for low acid foods and at the same time retaining desirable colour and texture.

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