Flow behaviour of inulin-enriched dairy desserts: influence of inulin average chain length

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The effect of the addition of different types of inulin (long-chain, native and short-chain inulin) at four concentrations (0, 2.5, 5 and 7.5% w/w) on flow properties of semisolid dairy desserts formulated with either skimmed or whole milk and three modified tapioca starch concentrations (2.5, 3.25 and 4% w/w) was studied. All samples displayed shear-thinning flow behaviour. The addition of the three types of inulin to whole milk samples with low starch concentrations (2.5 and 3.25% w/w) led to combined hysteresis loops: samples showed antithixotropy at low shear rate values, but thixotropy at high shear rate values. The remaining samples showed thixotropic behaviour. The effect of the different types of inulin on the flow properties was not only highly dependent on the inulin concentration but also on milk type and starch concentration. On adding 7.5% of long-chain inulin, which significantly increased consistency index values and significantly decreased flow index values in both types of milk and for all starch concentrations.

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