Effect of the type of frying oil on volatile compounds of goatfish (Upeneus pori) during cold storage

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The effect of different types of oil (sunflower, soybean, corn and canola oil) on the volatile formation of fried goatfish (Upeneus pori) during refrigerated (2 °C) storage period were assessed in this study. When using the SPME technique, forty-three compounds were detected. Among the detected compounds twelve aldehydes, nine alcohols, nine acids, three ketones, four amines and seven other compounds were found in raw and fried goatfish during refrigerated storage periods. Frying with different types of oil had significant influence on the volatile compounds of goatfish. However, considerable differences observed in the formation of some volatile compounds depending on type of frying oil. It was also concluded that, changes in volatile compounds during cold storage periods were not good spoilages markers for fried goatfish.

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