Ohmic-assisted hydrodistillation of essential oils fromZataria multifloraBoiss (Shirazi thyme)

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Ohmic-assisted hydrodistillation (OAHD) is a combination of ohmic heating and distillation, and could be considered as a novel method for the extraction of essential oils. Major problems with traditional methods are long extraction time and lower purity of the extract. In this study, OAHD was applied as an economic and green technology for the extraction of essential oils from Zataria multiflora Boiss. (Shirazi thyme) aerial parts and the results were compared to those obtained from hydrodistillation (HD) as a conventional method. The results showed that OAHD method had the extraction time of 32.21 ± 2.59 min while this value was about 57.21 ± 2.33 min for hydrodistillation (HD). Scanning electron micrographs of thyme leaves showed a sudden eruption of essential oil glands and their surrounding area for OAHD samples. GC–MS analysis indicated that both methods of OAHD and HD can extract the same compounds.

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