Effects of frying temperature, pressure and time on gelatinisation of sago flour as compared to wheat and rice flour in fried coating

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This study was conducted to determine the gelatinisation properties of coating with sago flour compared with wheat and rice as influenced by frying temperature, pressure and time. Chicken nuggets were immersed in sago, rice or wheat flour batters and fried at temperatures of 150, 165 and 180 °C and under pressures of 102 and 156 kPa for 0, 6, 18 and 30 s. Results showed that To of coatings from sago flour ranged from 71.8 to 74.7 °C. To of coatings from wheat flour ranged from 58.2 to 61.2 °C, while that of coatings from rice flour ranged from 77.9 to 78.6 °C. Except for a few combinations, frying temperature and pressure used did not have any significant effects on onset (To), peak (Tp) and end (Te) temperatures. Except for a few combinations, degree of gelatinisation of coatings from sago flour was not influenced by frying temperature and pressure similar to coatings from rice and wheat flour.

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