Radiation processing of minimally processed sprouts (dew gram and chick pea): effect on sensory, nutritional and microbiological quality

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Sprouts have become an important part of the diet because of their nutritive value and low-calorie content. The effect of radiation processing (1 and 2 kGy dose) on minimally processed dew gram and chick pea sprouts with respect to different quality parameters was studied over a storage period of 16 days at 8 °C. Radiation treatment and storage period did not have any significant effect on the sensory as well as nutritional qualities of irradiated dew gram and chick pea sprout. No significant change (P > 0.05) was observed in the colour and firmness of irradiated sprouts as compared to control samples. However, radiation processing resulted in significant reduction in aerobic plate counts (APC), coliform counts (CC), yeast and mould count (YMC) and staphylococci counts (SC). Radiation processing of dew gram and chick pea sprouts at 1 and 2 kGy extends the shelf life without affecting sensory and nutritional qualities.

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