The organic acid profile in wheat cultivar grains

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Organic acids, pH and total acidity were determined in the grains of nineteen wheat cultivars. Six organic acids, such as glutamic, oxalic, malic, tartaric, shikimic and fumaric acids, were separated and identified in all wheat samples applying HPLC coupled to diode array detector. Glutamic acid was the major organic acid followed by tartaric and malic acids. A low oxalic acid/calcium ratio was observed in the wheat samples analysed. The wheat samples belonging to Triticum turgidum had a higher (P < 0.05) mean tartaric acid and pH values than the wheat samples from the Triticum aestivum. Some correlations between the analysed parameters were observed, emphasising the correlation between the malic and fumaric acids. Stepwise discriminant analysis was applied on the parameters analysed, allowing to differentiate the wheat samples according to the species.

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