Characterisation of gold kiwifruit pectin isolated by enzymatic treatment

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Pectin was extracted from gold kiwifruit by four commercial enzyme preparations (Celluclast 1.5 L, Cytolase CL, Cellulyve TR 400 and NS33048). The chosen enzymes were used either in single or in combination, with and without protease addition. The recovered pectin was characterised and compared for the yield, total nonstarch polysaccharide and neutral sugar composition, protein and ash, pectin, molecular weight distribution and the viscosity. Results indicated that enzyme-extracted gold kiwifruit pectin was rich in galacturonic acid. Purified pectin yield, and their physicochemical composition and rheological property (viscosity), was significantly affected by the type of enzyme used. The pectin extracted by Celluclast 1.5 L demonstrated to be the most viscous and recorded the highest in molecular weight (Mw) (1.65 × 106 g mol–1) compared with the other extracts. The extract Mw and their distribution were discussed and related to their viscosity behaviour.

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