Physicochemical characteristics and shelf life estimation of maize/soybean extrudates added with bovine haemoglobin

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Maize/soybean (88:12) extrudates fortified with bovine haemoglobin as a source of iron with the addition of iron absorption enhancers were developed. The aims were to evaluate physicochemical characteristics and to predict shelf life by sensory analysis. Extrudates were made using a Brabender 20 DN single-screw extruder. Specific mechanical energy consumption (SMEC), expansion ratio, specific volume, water solubility and water absorption were measured. Extrudates were stored at three temperatures (12.5, 30 and 45 °C) for 50 days. Colour, crispness and rancid flavour were evaluated by a trained panel. Both addition of haemoglobin and enhancers did not produce significant differences for SMEC, expansion and specific volume. Flavour was the attribute with the greatest degree of damage during storage, thus was used for predicting shelf life. The expanded product added with haemoglobin, and Na2EDTA could be kept for 15 months at 15 °C or 10 months at 22 °C without rancid flavour development.

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