Changes in amino acid contents, texture and microstructure of bamboo shoots during pickling process

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The amino acid contents, texture, pectin and microstructure of bamboo shoots (Dendrocalamus latiflorus) with different salt concentrations during pickling process were examined to evaluate the effects of such process on its nutrient contents and texture. The results show that the total amino acid content of fresh bamboo shoots (FBS) was 16.35 g/100 g of dry weight, whereas those of pickled bamboo shoots (PBS) with different salt concentrations (8% and 20%) were 6.89 g/100 g and 7.91 g/100 g of dry weight, respectively. The texture analysis revealed that the hardness of the two PBS decreased by 60% and 47% after 90 days of pickling process, respectively. The protopectin contents of such PBS decreased by 64% and 49%, respectively, whereas their content of water-soluble pectin exhibited an increasing tendency during the pickling process. In addition, the scanning electron microscope images of the bamboo shoots revealed that the FBS tissues presented almost isodiametric parenchyma cells with a regular shape, whereas the parenchyma cells of PBS showed a clear turgor loss, presenting degradation and shrinkage in the cell wall contours.

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