The effect of pH and calcium ion on rheological behaviour of β-lactoglobulin-basil seed gum mixed gels

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Effect of pH (4.5–7.5) and Ca2+ (0.01–0.5 m) on gelation of single and mixed systems of 10% β-lactoglobulin (BLG) and 1% basil seed gum (BSG) was investigated. The gelling point of BLG and BSG gels was strongly pH-dependent, and stiffer gels formed at higher pH. The BLG gels were formed upon heating to 90 °C and reinforced on cooling to 20 °C; however, the gelation of BSG occurred at temperatures below 70 °C. By increasing Ca2+ concentration, storage modulus of BLG and BSG gels were increased, although pH had a greater effect than Ca2+. In contrast, mixed systems showed two distinct types of behaviour: BLG gel formation and BSG network, suggesting that phase-separated gels were formed. In addition, higher strength was obtained for BLG-BSG mixture at higher Ca2+ concentration.

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