Chemical composition, sensory and cooking quality evaluation of durum wheat spaghetti enriched with pea flour

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The goal of the study was to obtain spaghetti enriched with pea flour with sensory properties close to conventional pasta. To this aim, the study has been organised in two subsequent trials. In the first, the pea flour amount added to the spaghetti was continuously increased until the overall sensory quality reached its threshold value (pea flour concentration = 15%). In fact, the spaghetti samples supplemented with 15% pea flour (15%S-P) showed less elasticity, unpleasant colour and higher firmness compared to the control sample (CTRL). The second step was aimed to improve the overall sensory quality of the 15%S-P spaghetti by means of guar gum (GUAR). The sample with GUAR (15%S-P/GUAR) showed a pleasant colour, odour and taste. Furthermore, the 15%S-P/GUAR sample recorded a low starch digestibility value (i.e. 54) and a higher soluble fibre content with respect to the 15%S-P sample.

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