The effects of processing and packaging parameters on the occurrence of sulphide black in canned meat

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the packaging and processing parameters that produce sulphide black in corned beef. Twenty experimental batches were prepared, and in order to evaluate the effect of the packaging manufacturing process, variations were introduced in the tin layer, in the cure of lacquer applied inside and in the presence or absence of superficial scratches in the lacquer. Processing parameters, such as sterilising time and temperature as well as filling temperatures, were evaluated. The visual evaluation carried out to check the occurrence of black spots and the statistical analysis of variance with 95% confidence interval showed that the lids that were produced with a greater total tin layer (5.6 g m−2), with normal cure (200 °C) and without scratches had a lower occurrence of the problem. The analyses also showed that the use of filling temperatures lower than 40 °C decreased the presence of black spots.

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