Impact of amorphous and crystalline lactose on milk chocolate properties

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Chocolate mass of low viscosity is preferred for most applications. Milk powder influences processing behaviour, flow properties and taste of milk chocolate. The project aimed to investigate influences of skim milk powders containing amorphous or crystalline lactose on flow properties after producing samples by roller milling and conching or alternatively by ball milling. For the first case, it was found that mass consistency before roller milling is strongly influenced by lactose type; producers must specify it and adapt initial mass fat content. Little impact on final products was found after processing milk powders at equilibrium moisture. If predried powders are used for reducing conching time, crystalline lactose leads to chocolate with slightly lower viscosity. At ball mill processing, crystalline lactose resulted in significantly lower viscosity, for example 15% at 40 s−1; thus, for this process, it can be recommended to use special milk powders high in crystalline lactose content.

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