Physiochemical and nutritional characteristics, bioaccessibility and sensory acceptance of baked crackers containing broccoli co-products

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The effects of the inclusion of broccoli co-products into crackers on the bioaccessibility as well as their overall physical and nutritional quality were evaluated. Crackers were formulated using a 12.5 or 15.0% flour substitution level. Broccoli-containing crackers presented higher specific volume and spread ratio and lower weight and specific volume than control crackers (P < 0.05). Crackers containing broccoli co-products showed an increased green hue and a higher colour intensity (P < 0.05). Incorporation of broccoli co-products into crackers significantly increased the total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity (P < 0.05). A simulated gastrointestinal digestion suggested that the amount of phenolic and antioxidant compounds released during digestion might be higher than what could be expected from common water-organic extracts. The incorporation of broccoli co-products into baked crackers would not only reduce the amount of food discarded as waste but also promote health and open novel commercial opportunities to food processors.

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