Production of trans-free margarine fat by enzymatic interesterification of soy bean oil, palm stearin and coconut stearin blend

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Trans-free structure lipids (SLs) were prepared from enzymatic interesterification (EI) of soybean oil (SBO), palm stearin (PS) and coconut stearin (CNS) blends in different ratios (0:70:30, 10:60:30, 20:50:30, 30:40:30 and 40:30:30% wt.) using Lipozyme RM IM at 65 °C for 8 h. After EI, the fatty acid composition of the SLs exhibited no change from the physical blends (PBs). Medium-chain fatty acid was incorporated into the triacylglycerol of the SLs. The melting completion temperature decreased from 50–54 °C of PBs to 32–44 °C of SLs with a reduction in solid fat content. The small needle-shaped crystals were observed in the SL samples. SL obtained from EI of 20:50:30 (SBO:PS:CNO) blend exhibited the highest potential to be used as a trans-free margarine fat as it showed a similar SFC curve to the commercial margarine fat and crystallised into β′ polymorphic form.

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