Do HIV prevention interventions in Asia lead to increase in condom utilization?: A meta-analysis study

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This meta-analytic review synthesizes the findings of published independent studies that assessed the effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions in promoting condom usage in Asia. We focused on 20 studies that used randomized control studies to establish whether HIV prevention interventions lead to increased condom utilization. As compared with the average control group client, we found that 68% of the clients who participated in an intervention group increased their condom usage. The effectiveness of HIV prevention intervention is not related to country and rural-urban contexts, to male-female samples, to the type of outcome measured, or the timing of the latest follow-up assessment. The implications of these findings are that policy-makers, health administrators, and international donors should view behavioral HIV prevention interventions as an effective approach through which to increase condom usage in order to reduce the HIV infection rate in Asia.

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