Jordanian nursing students' knowledge of osteoporosis

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The aim of this study was to explore baccalaureate nursing students' knowledge of osteoporosis for beginning practice in the community. A cross-sectional study design was used. Students were selected by convenience sampling (n = 85) from one University in Jordan in the final of 4 years. Students were asked to complete a 23-item-knowledge questionnaire based on two earlier published studies of osteoporosis. Results indicated poor level of knowledge of osteoporosis on all dimensions: prevention (11 items) 62.6%; SD 14.2; general (5 items) 59.5%; SD 20.6; and the pathophysiology (7 items) 39.6%; SD 15.6, and an overall mean grade of 54.9%; SD 10.3. This result provides information that graduating nursing students have limited knowledge to undertake the role of health promotion and disease prevention in the community.

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