The effect of water-soluble polymers, PEG and PVP, on the solubilisation of griseofulvin in aqueous micellar solutions of Pluronic F127

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility of enhancing the solubilisation capacity of micellar solutions of Pluronic F127 for the poorly water-soluble drug griseofulvin by co-formulating with a water-soluble polymer. The effect of the addition of the polyethylene glycols PEG6000 and 35000, and the poly(vinylpyrrolidone)s PVP K30 and K90, on the solubilisation capacity of 1 wt% solutions of Pluronic F127 was related to the effect of these additives on particle size as determined by dynamic light scattering measurements. The addition of PEG35000 to 1 wt% F127 solutions significantly increased the solubility capacity expressed in terms of unit weight of F127; PVP K90 had a smaller effect but no enhancement was noted following the addition of PEG6000 or PVP K30. Solubilisation enhancement was thought to be a consequence of the association of the polymers with the E-blocks of the micelle corona so providing an expanded region of reduced polarity for drug solubilisation.

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