Effect of the surface free energy of materials on the lamination tendency of bilayer tablets

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Dosage forms with fixed dose combinations of drugs is a frequent and advantageous mode of administration, but their production involves a number of technological problems. Numerous interactions in a homogeneous vehicle may be avoided through the use of layered tablets. The mechanical properties of these dosage forms depend on numerous process parameters and material characteristics. The aim of the present study was a detailed investigation of the relationships between the surface characteristics and deformation properties of tableting materials and the tendency of bilayer tablets to undergo lamination.

Bilayer tablets were compressed from unlubricated materials with different plastic–elastic properties and surface free energies according to a mixed 2 and 3-level half-replicated factorial design. The results revealed that the surface characteristics play the main role in the lamination of layered tablets and the effect of the plastic–elastic behavior cannot be interpreted without a knowledge of these properties.

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