Laser-triggered intraocular implant to induce photodynamic therapy for posterior capsule opacification prevention

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Posterior capsule opacification (PCO) is one of the main reasons for loss of vision again after cataract surgery. In this study, intraocular lenses were modified with indocyanine green (ICG) and sealed up with PLGA to form long-term intraocular implants (ICG-IOL). When triggered by laser, ICG-IOL would induce photodynamic therapy (PDT). In-vitro cell viability assay and scratch wound healing assay demonstrated that ICG-IOL could effectively inhibit HLEpiC proliferation and migration without causing damage to the cells far away from it. Laser attenuation test indicated that ICG-IOL could be applied in vivo. In-vivo pharmacodynamics and safety study showed that ICG-IOL could significantly prevent the occurrence of PCO and was safe for intraocular normal tissue. All these results suggested that ICG-IOL would be a very promising candidate for PCO prevention.

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