Protein-based nanoparticles: From preparation to encapsulation of active molecules

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Graphical abstractPreparation methods of nanoparticles and proteins used with them. Red cases: animal protein, green cases: plant protein.Nowadays, nanotechnology has become very integrated in the domain of pharmaceutical sciences since nanoparticle dispersions show various advantages as drug carriers. Among nanoparticles, the protein-based ones are of paramount importance. In fact, protein nanoparticles show many advantages over other types of nanoparticles, they are often non-toxic and biodegradable. In this review, the most common preparation methods of protein nanoparticles were targeted. In addition, the factors affecting their dispersions and the concepts of drug loading and drug release are also highlighted. It was obvious that each method can be optimized for a given protein. This issue was discussed in depth in the light of the current state of art, and supported by evidences for each method from the literature. In addition, it was concluded that the processing parameters strongly affect the properties of nanoparticles dispersion.

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