Polymeric nanoparticles: Promising platform for drug delivery

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Nano medicine had viewed countless breakthroughs in drug delivery implementations. The main objective of nanotechnology application in delivering and carrying many promising therapeutics is to assure drugs carriage to their action sites, to maximize the pharmacological desired influence of remedies and to overcome their limitations and drawbacks that would hinder the required effectiveness. One of these applications was the particulates type of nano-range in size and tremendous impact in achievement. About this specific diversity of particulates, the different elaboration methodologies, mandatory and elementary components for design, and examples of splendid success stories for these particulates were emphasized in this humble review. Challenges such as oral delivery probability for peptide moieties and enhancement the harshly passage process of drugs across the blood brain barriers were accepted and defeated by the almost insurmountable latterly mentioned particulates. Behold, the polymeric nanoparticles.Graphical abstract

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