Design and evaluation of artificial receptors for the reversal of neuromuscular block

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Applying patient friendly and cost-efficient medications in healthcare will be a real challenge in the 21st century. Sugammadex is a selective, yet expensive agent used for the post-surgical reversal of neuromuscular block since 2008. A wide library of cyclodextrin-based follow-ups, having potentially similar affinity towards target aminosteroid type neuromuscular blocking agents has been established. Almost 20 compounds were assessed with respect to in vitro affinity against three commonly applied drugs. Based on the capillary electrophoretic screening, carboxymethylated and sulfobutylated gamma-cyclodextrin derivatives have the potential to be promising lead molecules for their affinity towards pipecuronium was identical or even superior to Sugammadex. Carboxymethylated gamma-cyclodextrin showed efficient and complete reversal of the pipecuronium induced neuromuscular block in an ex vivo rat diaphragm experiment.

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