Polymeric micelles: Basic research to clinical practice

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Rapidly developing polymeric micelles as potential targeting carriers has intensified the need for better understanding of the underlying principles related to the selection of suitable delivery materials for designing, characterizing, drug loading, improving stability, targetability, biosafety and efficacy. The emergence of advanced analytical tools such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer and dissipative particle dynamics has identified new dimensions of these nanostructures and their behavior in much greater details. This review summarizes recent efforts in the development of polymeric micelles with respect to their architecture, formulation strategy and targeting possibilities along with their preclinical and clinical aspects. Literature of the past decade is discussed critically with special reference to the chemistry involved in the formation and clinical applications of these versatile materials. Thus, our main objective is to provide a timely update on the current status of polymeric micelles highlighting their applications and the important parameters that have led to successful delivery of drugs to the site of action.

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