In vitro dissolution testing of parenteral aqueous solutions and oily suspensions of paracetamol and prednisolone

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The number of intramuscularly applied dosage forms has been continuously increasing during the last decades. However, up to date no in vitro dissolution test method for parenteral dosage forms has been described in the Ph. Eur. or USP. It was the aim of this study to investigate dissolution test setups based on the compendial flow-through cell and the reciprocating holder for this purpose. Both apparatuses were equipped with dialysis membranes to accommodate the drug formulation. The suitability of the dissolution method was evaluated by comparing release profiles with blood level curves that were obtained previously in an in vivo study in rats by our group. Aqueous solutions and oily suspensions of paracetamol and prednisolone were tested in vitro that were also applied in the in vivo study. In the case of the aqueous solutions in which no formal dissolution occurs, transport from the applied depot across a dialysis membrane was investigated. While the drug transport across the dialysis membrane of both drugs in aqueous solution was similar in all applied test methods, differences in the release behavior of paracetamol and prednisolone as an oily suspension were observed. This was mainly due to sedimentation of the particles within the oily depot.Graphical abstract

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