A novel formulation of [6]-gingerol: Proliposomes with enhanced oral bioavailability and antitumor effect

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Graphical abstract[6]-Gingerol, one of the components of the rhizome of Ginger, has a variety of biological activities such as anticoagulant, antioxidative, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, and so forth. However, as one of the homologous phenolic ketones, [6]-gingerol is insoluble in water which limits its applications. Herein, we prepared [6]-gingerol proliposomes through modified thin-film dispersion method, which was spherical or oval, and physicochemically stable with narrow size distribution. Surprisingly, in vitro release of [6]-gingerol loaded proliposome compared with the free [6]-gingerol was significantly higher and its oral bioavailability increased 5-fold in vivo. Intriguingly, its antitumor effect was enhanced in the liposome formulation. Thus, our prepared [6]-gingerol proliposome proved to be a novel formulation for [6]-gingerol, which significantly improved its antitumor effect.

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