A compact, portable, re-configurable, and automated system for on-demand pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing

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Graphical abstractDue to the complex nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain, the industry faces several major challenges when it comes to ensuring an adequate supply of quality drug products. These challenges are not only the causes of supply chain disruptions and financial loss, but can also prevent underserved and remote areas from receiving life-saving drugs. As a preliminary demonstration to mitigate all these challenges, at MIT we have developed active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing in a miniature platform. However, manufacturing of final oral solid dosage as tablets from drug substances had not been demonstrated. In this study, a compact, portable, re-configurable, and automated tablet manufacturing system, roughly the size of a North American household oven, [72.4 cm (length) × 53.3 cm (width) × 134.6 cm (height)] was designed, built and demonstrated. This miniature system is able to manufacture on-demand tablets from drug crystals on a scale of hundreds to thousands per day. Ibuprofen and Diazepam, each having different drug loading, were manufactured using this miniature system and meet U.S. Pharmacopeia standards. We foresee this flexible, miniature, plug-and-play pharmaceutical solids dosage manufacturing system advancing on-demand ready-to-use pharmaceuticals enabling future treatment of human diseases at the point-of-care.

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