Dose administration maneuvers and patient care in tobramycin dry powder inhalation therapy

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The purpose of this work was to study a new dry powder inhaler (DPI) of tobramycin capable to simplify the dose administration maneuvers to maximize the cystic fibrosis (CF) patient care in antibiotic inhalation therapy.For the purpose, tobramycin/sodium stearate powder (TobraPS) having a high drug content, was produced by spray drying, characterized and the aerodynamic behavior was investigated in vitro using different RS01 DPI inhalers. The aerosols produced with 28, 56 or 112mg of tobramycin in TobraPS powder using capsules size #3, #2 or #0 showed that there was quasi linear relationship between the amount loaded in the device and the FPD.An in vivo study in healthy human volunteers showed that 3–6 inhalation acts were requested by the volunteers to inhale 120mg of TobraPS powder loaded in a size #0 capsule aerosolized with a prototype RS01 device, according to their capability to inhale. The amount of powder emitted at 4kPa pressure drop at constant air flow well correlated with the in vivo emission at dynamic flow, when the same volume of air passed through the device.The novel approach for the administration of 112mg of tobramycin in one capsule could improve the convenience and adherence of the CF patient to the antibiotic therapy.

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