Dendrimers: A versatile nanocarrier for drug delivery and targeting

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Dendrimers are novel polymeric nanoarchitectures characterized by hyper-branched 3D-structure having multiple functional groups on the surface that increases their functionality and make them versatile and biocompatible. Their unique properties like nanoscale uniform size, high degree of branching, polyvalency, water solubility, available internal cavities and convenient synthesis approaches make them promising agent for biological and drug delivery applications. Dendrimers have received an enormous attention from researchers among various nanomaterials. Dendrimers can be used as a carrier for diverse therapeutic agents. They can be used for reducing drug toxicities and enhancement of their efficacies. The present review provide a comprehensive outline of synthesis of dendrimers, interaction of dendrimer with guest molecules, properties, characterization and their potential applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical field.

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